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Associated Orthopedists of Detroit, PC.


AOD's expert orthopedic doctors treat all injuries of the bones and joints. An injury can be the result of a single incident, such as a fall or a blow to the body. You could also sustain an injury due to repeated overuse, as in the case of many athletic injuries. Either way, the result is damage and pain.

Our doctors will quickly assess and diagnose your condition, and will create an individualized treatment plan to help you get back to a pain-free and active lifestyle.

To learn more about some specific injuries and treatments, follow the links below to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons website.

Foot & Ankle
Fractures: Types and Treatment
Growth Plate Fractures
Stress Fractures
Talus Fractures
Toe and Forefoot Fractures

Hip & Pelvis
Hip Fractures
Pelvis Fractures

Knee & Leg
Fractures of the Proximal Tibia
Shinbone Fractures
Thighbone (Femur) Fracture
Pediatric Thighbone (Femur) Fracture

Shoulder, Arm & Elbow
Broken Arm
Pediatric Broken Arm (Forearm)
Broken Collarbone
Fracture of the Shoulder Blade (Scapula)
Elbow (Olecranon) Fractures
Pediatric Elbow (Olecranon) Fractures
Radial Head Fractures
Shoulder Trauma

Sprains & Strains
Sprains, Strains, and Other Soft Tissue Injuries

Care of Casts and Splints
Care of Casts and Splints
Care of Casts and Splints (Spanish Version)

Doctors Specializing in Fractures/Sprains/Trauma
Edward S. Jeffries, M.D.
Michael R. Demers, M.D.
Steven J. Cusick, M.D.
Kenneth R. Cervone, M.D.
Benedetto P. Pellerito, M.D.
James D. Bookout, M.D.
Shariff K. Bishai, D.O., M.S., FAOAO
Andrew Ajluni, D.O