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Our Mission

To serve our communities by providing high-quality patient care based on our strong commitment to practice compassion, innovation, and collaboration.

About Us

For over 65 years, the doctors at Associated Orthopedists of Detroit have provided compassionate, expert orthopedic and musculoskeletal healthcare to our patients. Leaders in the field, and in their individual specialties, our board-certified, fellowship-trained physicians work together to provide comprehensive, personalized treatment for adults and children with general orthopedic conditions, as well as those with specialized orthopedic needs.

Our Story

As one of the oldest practices of orthopedics in the state, AOD has a long tradition of healing and compassion that was first envisioned and set into place by its fascinating founders. Read on to learn more about them, and how their passions and successes inside and outside the medical arena laid the foundation for AOD's climate of innovation and commitment to helping others maintain joint, muscle and bone health.

In 1945, Dr. Angus Goetz returned from World War II to open his office in downtown Detroit. Dr. Goetz was a famous University of Michigan football star, the only man ever elected captain of the team two years in a row. He continued his training at Michigan, while playing professional football on weekends. He ultimately became Chief of Orthopedics at Detroit Receiving Hospital.

In 1946, Dr. Goetz formed a partnership with Dr. Andrew Jackson Day. Dr. Day was a Harvard graduate who also trained at Michigan. He had a special interest in children’s orthopedics and published many papers on children’s diseases, amputations, and other orthopedic topics. He was a leader in the group of hospitals that would become Detroit Medical Center, earning the role of Chief of Orthopedics at both Harper Hospital and Children's Hospital of Michigan.

Another early member of the AOD practice team was Dr. H. Ross Hume. Dr. Hume, who trained at Michigan as well, had a special interest in sports medicine that was developed while training and performing as an elite athlete. In fact, as an undergrad, Dr. Hume held the NCAA track record for the mile run. His love of sports extended beyond the track though, and while he loved orthopedic practice, he also loved skiing and spent weekends during the winter on the ski patrol at Nub's Nob.